Work day at Bridgend

Next Sunday, 30th September, we’ll be clearing and tidying the storage space at Bridgend Growing Communities to make space for our larger equipment. And if we’ve time, doing some foraging in Craigmillar Castle Park… : )

Please come anytime from 11am onwards. We should be there for a few hours but please let me know if you intend to come. The storage area is not near the main gate so you’ll have to let us know ( if you’re coming so we can look out for you.
Bring lunch with you or something to share – we’ll have access to hot drinks and a toilet. Old clothes are a good idea too as it’ll be dirty!
Bridgend Growing Communities is based at Bridgend Allotments, Old Dalkeith Rd.
See you then….

Harvest update!

Hi Abundancers.

This year, it looks as if Abundance Edinburgh is going to have a quiet autumn. As a result of the weather earlier in the year, many fruit trees have failed to set fruit. We’ve had feedback from about a third of home owners who donated last year to say that they’ve no fruit on their trees. I have seen fruit on some trees but they seem to be on smaller trees in sheltered positions. Most of the trees that we’ve picked fruit from are old, large trees that are exposed to the elements. I’m hoping that we will get some orchard fruits donated and that we can do some juicing and making appley and peary delights but it looks like things will be less busy than last year (which was our busiest season yet).

We’ll be heading out to pick berries (brambles and elderberries) on a regular basis and then do stuff with them and possibly some mushroom foraging too. We’d like to keep a regular Thursday evening slot for this, at least until it gets too dark in the evenings to go out.

We dont’ have a funded post this year, so if people want to get in touch, please e-mail or post on the mailing list. If anyone wants to organise their own foraging trip, just post it out on the mailing list and any tips about abundant orchard fruit are welcome too!