Abundance Wednesday, 24th August – Foraging/Scouting Walk

Update Tuesday 23/8/11:

If you’d like to join us for the foraging walk on Wednesday, you have 3 options:

  1. Join Valla at the Pavilion Cafe on the Meadows at 6pm,
  2. Meet Rob outside 33 Hillside Crescent at 6pm
  3. Meet Ross at 2 1f1 Simon Square at 6pm for a walk on Arthurs seat

We’ll do some foraging and scouting and then rendezvous afterwards for a social at Doctors on Forrest Road at 8.30pm.

See you then!

Please join us for Abundance Wednesday on 25th August, 6-9pm. Foraging/picking/flyering/scouting walks! All singing all dancing Abundance action!

Rob, Ross and I will lead 3 separate walks in different parts of the city to do some scouting and flyering of private gardens with fruit trees as well as any foraging/picking available (possibly berries, possibly some wild apples and plums). Then we’ll all meet centrally for a beverage.

Rob’s going to do his neighbourhood (starting in Hillside) and I’m keen to flyer the Grange/Newington and to go to the Hermitage of Braid. Ross has yet to pick an area, we’ll get back to you. I’ll e-mail meeting points once Ross has let me know.

If you want to join in, it’d be good if you could let me know so that we know who to wait around for. I can text you or call you if it’s easier than checking e-mails.



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