Abundance in the Evening News

Did you see us in Thursday’s Edinburgh Evening news?

If so we’d love to hear from you.  We’re on the look out for surplus fruit that needs harvesting, and we’re also happy to help other groups get started harvesting in Edinburgh.

You can get in touch with us by email, twitter, or facebook, or just come along to our pressing event this Saturday from 1pm at the Pavilion cafe on the meadows.


Abundance Thursday, 1st September- Foraging/Scouting Walk

We’re slowly getting organised for the harvest! So we’ll be heading out again to do a bit of foraging, scouting for trees and flyering next week.

Meet at the Pavilion Cafe on the Meadows at 6pm.

I also want suggestions for the week after’s meet up – bramble jam making session perhaps?

Abundance Wednesday, 24th August – Foraging/Scouting Walk

Update Tuesday 23/8/11:

If you’d like to join us for the foraging walk on Wednesday, you have 3 options:

  1. Join Valla at the Pavilion Cafe on the Meadows at 6pm,
  2. Meet Rob outside 33 Hillside Crescent at 6pm
  3. Meet Ross at 2 1f1 Simon Square at 6pm for a walk on Arthurs seat

We’ll do some foraging and scouting and then rendezvous afterwards for a social at Doctors on Forrest Road at 8.30pm.

See you then!

Please join us for Abundance Wednesday on 25th August, 6-9pm. Foraging/picking/flyering/scouting walks! All singing all dancing Abundance action!

Rob, Ross and I will lead 3 separate walks in different parts of the city to do some scouting and flyering of private gardens with fruit trees as well as any foraging/picking available (possibly berries, possibly some wild apples and plums). Then we’ll all meet centrally for a beverage.

Rob’s going to do his neighbourhood (starting in Hillside) and I’m keen to flyer the Grange/Newington and to go to the Hermitage of Braid. Ross has yet to pick an area, we’ll get back to you. I’ll e-mail meeting points once Ross has let me know.

If you want to join in, it’d be good if you could let me know so that we know who to wait around for. I can text you or call you if it’s easier than checking e-mails.


Abundance Drop-in Wed 17th August

UPDATE  Next drop-in: Wed 17th August: Making the Abundance banner and customising t-shirts or pinnies or whatever you like with our new logo. Location: Room 3.24, St Leonard’s Land, across from the Bongo Club on Holyrood Road,

A map of St Leonards Land

I’ll bring my sewing machine and other accessories and material for the banner but please bring anything that you have too.

Also if anyone wants to create an Abundance t-shirt or pinnie or whatever, bring that too.

Give me a ring on 07594 824 558 if lost,


Meadows Picnic, Saturday 27th August

To celebrate the coming harvest season, Abundance Edinburgh will be having an afternoon bring and share picnic on the Meadows including tasting the 2010 Abundance cider and apple juice pressing with some of our new equipment!

Please join us from 1-4pm on Saturday 27th August near the The Meadows Pavilion, Jawbone Walk, Melville Drive. Bring your favourite picnic food and we’ll supply the appley goodness.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

New Abundance Officer

Our new Abundance officer Valla

Say Hi to Valla!

Abundance Edinburgh is pleased to introduce their new Abundance officer, Valla Moodie.

Valla will be helping to organise this year’s harvest season –  helping coordinate pickers and pickings, doing events, giving talks, picking fruit, foraging, making jam , eating pies, having a Bundance…

To get in touch with Valla about any of the above, please contact her at valla@abundanceedinburgh.com or on 07594 824 558.

Abundance equipment arrives

Abundance Edinburgh recently received a grant from Zero Waste Scotland to help prevent good fruit from going to landfill. We’ve used our grant to purchase juicing equipment which we hope to manage as a community resource.

If you or your organisation would like to make use of some of this fantastic equipment during the harvest season then get in touch. If we’re not using we’d like to see others put it to use.

We hope that this new kit will help other start fruit harvesting projects in their own neighbourhood. More information about the equipment we have can be found on our equipment page

12 litre cross beam press

12 litre cross beam press

The rack and cloth press

The rack and cloth press