Abundance cider goes into bottles

Jono corking the bottles

After a winter slowly fermenting out in the snow, the abundance cider from our 2010 harvest was recently brought in and put into bottles.

I am glad to report our resident brewer Pessi has done a wonderful job, and has turned a mixed batch of Edinburgh apples into a sparkling tasty Edinburgh cider.  It’s got a fantastic flavour to it – a class above what you get in the shops…

As the Summer goes on we plan to offer bottles or tastings to folk who helped us or donated apples in 2010.

The key to our success this year was that the cider was put outside to ferment in the cold temperatures. This ensures that the fermentation happens slowly, and lots of the natural sugars of the fruit is retained. We used the wild yeast from the apples, and blended the result of two different batches to give the cider a complex flavour.

Come along to one of our events this summer, and let us know what you can taste in it!






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