Cider making day

apple chopping

Last Friday we had our long-awaited cider making day.  Well, we didn’t actually make cider there on the spot, but we used our brand new home-made press to make lots of apple juice, some of which will go on to make the Abundance 2010 cider.

The juice making began on Thursday evening when we went on a picking blitz to ensure we had enough apples to make plenty of juice.  In the end, when they were all brought to the event from our various stores, we probably had 500kg of apples!

One tree's haul

Needless to say our biggest problem wasn’t a lack of apples, but how to scrat 500kg of apples without a purpose built scratter.  Instead we relied on the power of members of the public, who kindly bashed our apples to a pulp with the aid of a large fencepost.

The day was hugely successful and lots of fun.  After giving away lots of fresh juice, we were left with around 6 gallons, which our resident brewers are now charged with turning into top notch cider.  Watch this space!