Our homemade apple press


Hi folks, we haven’t updated the website in a little while, but we have been busy – out harvesting, and taking part in apple days and eco fests.

Last weekend however we were busy with something else – the making of our much awaited apple press .  Many thanks to Matt of DIY Edinburgh for hosting us again.

Thanks to Jona’s planning and the help of 6 or 7 volunteers we managed to build ourselves an apple press in one afternoon for the princely sum of £9!  Well done to everyone involved.


We did manage to do a quick test run of the press using some hastily foraged apples, and it worked like a dream.  The real test however, will be at our cider making workshop this Friday.  This press is a beast and we are gonna need lots of apples to feed it.

Please come along to the workshop and bring some apples with you. It will be held outside the Informatics Forum between 12-4pm on Friday 29th.  You’ll find us between the car park and the university shop.  More details of this and our forthcoming apple blitz are to follow….


the finished apple press