Abundance apples go to homelessness projects


It’s now 6 months since we started harvesting, but even now we still have lots of apples in our storage.  As the harvest work is now done, we’ve turned our focus to distributing the fruit we have collected.

One of the major aims of the Abundance project is to get the food we harvest to people who need it and who will use it, and so recently we’ve been in touch with the Cyrenians, who run the Good Food program – part the nationwide FareShare scheme.  The Cyrenians are more than happy to collect our fruit and distribute it to 40 of the homelessness projects they serve – which is great news for us – it’s good to know that the work that we did earlier in the year is somehow helping others.


This afternoon the Cyrenians came round to pick up the remainder of our apples.  Surprisingly without any high-tech storage technology our cooking apples have kept well into 2010.  So thanks go to the Cyrenians, and also to our volunteers who did all the harvesting – let’s hope some folk enjoy all those apples!