Pears galore on Fountainhall road

Thea picking pears

Thea picking pears

So far this autumn we’ve harvested lots and lots of apples, but only small quantities of pears.  The pears we have harvested so far have mostly been rock hard, and rather than ripening off the tree most of them have tended to go rubbery.  However, this week we paid a visit to a garden on Fountainhall road which had three pear trees with perfectly ripe pears ready to fall from the tree.  The pears were so ripe in fact that just picking one would cause many others on the same branch to fall.

Alongside the three pear trees there were quite a few apple trees but unfortunately we never had the time to collect all of the surplus – after harvesting the pears of just two trees the rain came in and we had to call it a day.  Even though the rain stopped play, the fruit we had picked was enough to fill the boot and back seat of a car, so it looks like we will have to make arrangements to return!


The stores are beginning to fill up, so it may be time for us to have a distribution day. Please contact us if you have ideas for where our fruit should go.


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