Harvesting for a weekend of apple days

kristina struggles with a giant Newton Wonder

kristina struggles with a giant Newton Wonder

With a busy weekend of apple days ahead of us we arranged another picking at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital Orchard.  It is difficult to for us to find an opportunity to get large numbers of people together to pick apples, so we thought picking in the orchard rather than a private garden might be a chance to do just that.

So we headed along to the orchard after work, and had some fun climbing the trees to shake some apples down.  In the end we only harvested from two trees, but we still came away with just about as much apples as our volunteers could handle.  We were also joined by a couple of folk from the Re-union project who were gathering apples for a future apple day with one of the schools bordering the union canal.


Although it had been a beautiful autumn day, the nights are fair drawin’ in, and by 7pm there was a chill in the air.  It feels as if winter is just around the corner, so we better make the most of the daylight hours after work and get picking!


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