Painting Edinburgh Green


Abundance Edinburgh will be attending Painting Edinburgh Green on Saturday.  We’ll be bringing some of our apples and a press, so come and see us if you’d like to try some freshly pressed juice.

There will be lots of fun to be had for kids (big and small) bashing the apples to a pulp so they can go in the press.  If you have apples you can bring or a tree you’d like harvesting, please come and see us at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall this Saturday from 11am-4pm.


One thought on “Painting Edinburgh Green

  1. I watched the above episode when it was originally televised and was so inspired. At the time I was aware that there was nothing similar in Scotland. Now whilst researching, I stumble upon your site. Wow! I am so pleased to read that there is an Abundance group in Scotland. The Abundance Edinburgh team of volunteers have done some fantastic work already. I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to add you to my blog under Think Global…Oh and I really love the Apple Identification Chart, someone did put a lot of effort into that and it will be most appreciated by everyone who visits your site.

    Finally, out of curiousity – Are you aware if there are any Abundance groups in other parts of Scotland?

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