Abundance at Holyrood


A selection of Scottish apple varieties

Today was the Holyrood apple day, organised by John Hancox of the commonwealth orchard.  The event was intended as a celebration of Scotland’s apples, and the role that community projects have to play in build a ‘fruitful scotland’.

The event was supported by MSPs from all 4 parties, and It was a lot of fun to meet and greet other folk working on similar projects.  But the best part was the opportunity to see (and taste!) the diversity of Scottish apples.  John, with the help of John Butterworth laid out a display of Scottish apple varieties which was gobsmacking.


Seeing these rare varieties which have been kept going for hundreds of years is an inspiration, and might well prove a good help in our attempts to identify our apples.  I return home with a positive ID for our Bramleys, russets, James Grieves, and Discoverys, but we still have many more to identify.  Perhaps we might use these photos to make a chart…


One thought on “Abundance at Holyrood

  1. Thank you for taking time to put this together. This is a valuable resource which many people will appreciate. I am adding a link to this from my blog. I hope this is okay with you. Best wishes with the Abundance Edinburgh project.

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