Abundance Edinburgh is still active but we are in the process of changing our e-mail address.

In the interim, please e-mail Clement for information about us: fiurellu@yahoo.fr.

We will update with an e-mail address when it has been finalised.


Harvest 2015 update

Unfortunately, this year we have fewer volunteers than we have had in the past, and because of this, we are no longer able to visit homes and collect fruit as often. If you would like to donate fruit, please e-mail info@abundanceedinburgh.com for more details on this.

If you are from an organisation holding an event and you would like Abundance to participate, then please note that, unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to meet most of these requests.

We still hold foraging walks and we welcome anybody who wishes to come along, and we may pick fruit this year. If you are interested in this, please join our mailing list (https://abundanceedinburgh.wordpress.com/our-mailing-list).

Harvest 2014 update

So far, we’ve not had many offers of fruit – a few householders have come back saying that they don’t have any or much fruit.

Here’s what’s lined up so far:
Tuesday 23rd September, Abundance meet-up, evening pick (see our facebook event)
Saturday 4th October, Fairmilehead, morning pick.

For more details, join our mailing list (https://abundanceedinburgh.wordpress.com/our-mailing-list)

We have some other offers in the pipe line but it looks like it’s going to be a quiet harvest season.

Abundance meetup – this Tuesday!


Apples spotted at Craiglockhart Hill today, so location changed to there.

It’s on the old Napier University campus – there’s a small street called Craiglea Place, where there’s an entrance to the nature reserve area. If you’d like to come, meet on the corner of Craiglea Place and Morningside Grove at 5.45pm. The 36 bus goes right past and the 23 nearby.

It would be useful to know if you’re coming, so we know if we need to wait for you – please e-mail me: valla.moodie@gmail.com or you can text me on 07915 669 316.

Please bring boxes or bags for the apples.

Abundance meetups

Announcing… the new monthly Abundance Edinburgh meetup!


Every fourth Tuesday evening of the month, there’ll be a chance to meet other Abundancers, find out more about the group and how to get involved. If there’s fruit to be picked, we’ll do that first, then head to a nearby cafe or pub, or we might have a jam swap or a foraging walk. Any suggestions welcome!

So our first one will be Tuesday 23rd September (then Tuesday 28th October, Tuesday 25th November, then perhaps Tuesday 23rd December). I’m sure there will be apples on the go by then!

Abundance AGM and 2014 harvest organisation meeting

If you’d like to get involved with this year’s harvest, we’re having our AGM and harvest organisation meeting this Thursday. Do come along to find out more about Abundance Edinburgh, meet some of the organising group and get involved with this year’s harvest!

  • ¬†Thursday 28th August
  • 7pm for AGM
  • 7.15om for organising meeting
  • Hemma, Holyrood Rd: we have an area reserved just at the front of the bar. Their food’s pretty good if you fancy eating!

Foraging walk, Saturday 5th April

If anyone fancies it, Sam, Fergus and I (all from Abundance Edinburgh) will be going on a foraging walk along the canal on Saturday afternoon – meeting at Leamington Bridge at 2.15pm. Nettles are my no 1 target!

If you could message or text to say if you’re coming so we know, that would be lovely: 07915 669 316.


Wild garlic walk – Sunday 9th March

It’s almost that time of year again – garliky goodness abundant in Edinburgh’s wild places.

A few of us will be going on a hunt for wild garlic on Sunday 9th March – do join us. A great place to look is along the Water of Leith in Stockbridge, especially as it provides opportunities to pick ramsons (the true British wild garlic) and compare it to its invasive cousin, the few flowered leek – both are found in this area.

For those wanting to come and pick wild garlic this Sunday, we’ll meet outside the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art on Belford Road, at 3pm – this is a bit more convenient for the good spots to pick than Stockbridge. We could always have a nice walk back to Stockbridge afterwards.
My number is 07915 669 316 if people need directions or miss us.
I’m happy to have people around to mine afterwards to make things and cook with our foraged goodies. I live in Bruntsfield – send me an e-mail or a text if you want to come later on.

Apple pressing on the Meadows

On Saturday 26th October 2013 we’ll have our big apple press in action at the Pavilion Cafe on the Meadows and we’ll be giving out freshly pressed apple juice to anyone who wants it.

We should have a good load of apples from our own pickings, but you’re also welcome to bring along your own apples for pressing if you have them to spare.

We’ll be there all afternoon from about 1pm.¬† Everyone’s welcome to join in the pressing, try the juice, or both!